Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zit Update

Down to 33% of its original size. After some calculations, we expect it to be fully gone by June, 2009.

Viral Vengeance

I'm told the weather is wonderful. I'm told the air outside has a spring-ish quality to it. "It's lovely" they say. I know none of this first hand, I am a viral carrying shut-in. Worse yet, my five year old is too.

The first day we are a cuddly pair. Getting under the covers to watch movies, passing each other the tissues, sharing chicken noodle soup and checking our temperatures at the same time. I am "loving but sickly mom".

The second day he has a little more energy and a lower fever, I develop an ear infection and must function on 3 hours sleep. He wants to play games and color. I want to lie down and cry in quiet self pity. I am "kind but easily irritated mom".

The third day his energy level has skyrocketed from all this rest. He is bouncing around and has lost his mind. I am drained, my ribs ache from coughing and I nearly pee my pants everytime I sneeze. Shoot me now. I threaten to take him to school if he feels good enough to chase the dog. He fakes a cough and tells me he's still sick all while jumping off the couch and yelling,"CHARGE!". I can't yell because I barely have a voice so instead I hiss in an ominous tone, "if you get off that couch one more time you're going to school". I am "don't mess with me mom", the worst kind. He knows I mean business. That is until 1pm when he informs me it is now too late to send him to school. When did he get so smart and cunning?

Tomorrow he is going to school! To emphasize this he will be going to bed in his school clothes. I may even hide his comforter tonight and suggest he wear his winter coat for warmth and slip his shoes on his feet while he's sleeping. Afterall, we can't get to school early enough. And I can once again curl up in quiet self pity.