Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today's Twirling Thoughts

Here are some of my observations and thoughts from today.

I was riding behind a pickup truck that had it's left blinker on for about a mile. I was caught off guard when he finally turned. And I wondered, was it coincidental that he turned left while his blinker was still on or does he just like to plan ahead?

My cat was basking in the sun when I knelt down to pet her. I buried my face in her long, soft fur. It smelled remarkably like the hair of a new baby doll. It brought me back to my dollies, my childhood and to magical Christmas mornings. I reflected on this with a small smile on my face for a few moments. Then it occurred to me that what I was smelling was actually a mixture of cat saliva and "fresh scent" kitty litter.

I went to the recycling bins again today. I tore apart many cardboard boxes so that they would fit in that stupid narrow slot. I broke a nail, stepped in some mud and remembered that my brother in law told me recycling was a waste. He said the pollution and energy used in transporting and recycling the materials outweighs the benefits. I broke a nail doing it so he better be wrong.

I cooked mussels tonight. I never realized that the mussels are alive before you cook them. I killed them. Their tiny little shell lives weigh heavy on my conscience. They opened up hoping to escape the intense heat only to have the hot sauce (butter, white wine, garlic...mmm) boil them alive. It's all so cruel. When Brian didn't eat the last eight I thought I would cry for the lives that were taken in vain. I don't think I can make them again. But I will eat them again because it's important to know who you are and I'm a sensitive hypocrite.

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  1. Well, this was all so fabulous, but your last line is my all-time favorite. I think I want that on my headstone someday!