Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lucky You

I have never considered writing a blog before. And I have never made a New Years resolution before. Oddly enough, I have decided to make a New Years resolution to write a blog. Why now, you may ask? Well, with another baby on the way I'm afraid all the little things that happen every day that crack us up, amaze us and give us our "ah-ha" moments might get lost in the chaos. It may be nice to have a place to reflect and laugh about it all. Not to mention, sharing those tiny details of our life with friends and family will keep us close in heart.

You may wonder why this first post is entitled Lucky You. You, my friend, get to hear about the current stressful situation that has occupied my every waking moment for the last two weeks...Doggy Diarrhea. Mr. Bojangles is in a terrible state. And while I do feel bad for him I feel even worse for me. I never know when, where or on what. I walk around the house like a detective sniffing for clues. Busy carpet patterns only add to the confusion with their poop camouflaging ability. Damn them. The worse part is Bo thinks he's helping by going on the area rugs instead of the hardwoods. I can only conclude he thinks they're a type of indoor grass or something.

But I will tell you that he has never eaten better in his whole life! Everyday I make him boiled chicken breast and rice in hopes to control the uncontrollable. I've never seen him so excited at mealtime. I'm starting to wonder if he's putting two and two together. In fact, I tried to give him some Imodium AD and he resisted as if to say,"what? and ruin this gravy train?".
Ok, maybe there's no diarrhea conspiracy on his part, I'm just losing it. Spend all day walking around your house with your finger on the stain remover trigger like you're the Sh!t Sheriff and your thinking would become a little skewed too.


  1. Laughing. Snorting. Knocking on wood. I think this is a marvelous first post! Lucky me/us, for sure! Best wishes to Bo, you, and your carpet!

  2. Oh my goodness. If this is what to come on your blog I am coming back.
    NO pressure!