Saturday, January 10, 2009

Merry Zitmas to Me!

I know you see it. You know you see it. And now you know I know you see it. I want to address the elephant in the room. My holiday zit, here on extended vacation. Every Christmas it arrives in time for family photos and gatherings and sticks around for the New Years celebration. I thought perhaps I got lucky this year when I woke up on Christmas with my face unadorned. However, that was short lived. At least it arrived after Christmas, after the photos had been taken. haha! But I will tell you, what it lacked in timing it made up for in intensity and duration. I believe it's here for the long haul.

This is no pimple. Pimple are tiny, pesky and passing. Pimples rhyme with simple and dimple. This is a zit! Even the word sounds harsh, mean and angry. There's no covering it up. I started to wear a turtleneck today until I realized that it actually framed the zit. I decided instead to wear something low cut to draw the eye down and away. It's really the best solution I could come up with. I'm fighting it with everything in my arsenal. Slowly, bit by bit, I think I'm winning some battles. But I've yet to win the war. If you see me this month don't say,"oh, it's not that bad" or "I hardly notice it" I'll know you're lying and I won't appreciate it. Just acknowledge it, maybe nod and say hello to it and then we'll carry on with normal conversation. We'll both be more at ease once we've addressed the big, fat, no good, elephant in the room.


  1. I'm fighting the urge right now to run over to your house and see for myself! You know, to get it over with.

    P.S. My favorite line is "Pimples rhyme with simple and dimple." So good!

  2. I should have taken a "before" picture. It's now half of it's original won't believe me when you see it.